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Welcome to the Top Notch family! Our purpose is not to promote violence, rather it is to teach you a positive way of thinking and acting which will guide you in all areas of your life. A strong and determined commitment to “effort” will lead to your success.

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Tang Soo Do - All Ages

Tang Soo Do is a traditional martial art from Korea. It is over 2000 years old and is designed to benefit both the physical and mental realm of one’s being. Today its techniques and philosophy are still taught as they were in ancient times.

Literally translated, the “Tang” means Tang Dynasty of China that shared cultural backgrounds between China and Korea. “Soo” means hand, but it implies fist and “Do” means the way of life or art. Thus Tang Soo Do is “The way of the China Hand” or “The way of the Hand of Tang”.

Tang Soo Do is based on the principles of yielding and accepting circular motion. One’s full-body physical development adds to Tang Soo Do’s reputation for superior kicking techniques, mental strength, integrity and respect for others.

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